How To Start Fishing Bdo

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How To Start Fishing Bdo. Yes that means catching a mudskipper and Mackerel on the docks its a pain but trust me its worth it. About Afk Bdo Fishing Spots.

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I made this video in a different style Let me know what you all think. After equipping a fishing rod of your choice approach a body of water and press the space bar to begin fishing. Just like this cute little BDO baby we all have to start somewhere.

Now that you have all your equipment ready you may now select a fishing location.

Once a fish has taken the bait you have to hit the space bar. To do so right-click on the Fishing Rod and it will automatically equip to your weapon slot. You will then begin fishing and must now wait until you have a bite. In this BDO fishing guide I will be showing you how to craft a fishi.