Do Indie Game Developers Make Money

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Do Indie Game Developers Make Money. At first glance the earnings potential for a solo dev could be quite high. So you are about to release your indie game and all that goes through your mind is.

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Apple developer accounts store-bought assets hosting of a game server or game web site etc. In my article How much money do indie games make. So armed with this tremendous appreciation for the hard work indie studios do I shall present to you my dear readers a list of the best Indie games on PC.

Recurring fees to play their game typically in an online setting.

Indie game makers open up about the money they actually make. Im a student in videogames and luckily i ad the chance to talk to some indie developers all of them say that the most important thing is marketing if a game fails in that it will die. Today were talking about money. Normally you need to get two or three titles under your belt before you have the experience to start making something cleaner and more marketable.